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The Xbox Series X / S sells a lot more than the Xbox One

The Xbox Series X / S sells a lot more than the Xbox One

Xbox Series X vs Xbox One (X): We’ll explain the biggest differences. – (c) Microsoft, image montage

even if Xbox X / S Hardly available, sells better than that Xbox One, at that time. A current comparison for the first six months of sales offers: The next generation of Xbox consoles is a step forward! Demand is high: More and more players want one Xbox X Series To buyMore on this below.

The Xbox X / S It started on November 10, 2020, instead Xbox One Including Kinect in Baggage was introduced in November 2013. This makes it easy to compare the first six months in sales, even if there are seven years between them.

From November 2020 to the end of April 2021, the Xbox X / S A total of 4.814 million controllers were sold. The Xbox One It was at 4.255 million after the first six months, like Implement.

Xbox Series S: will you be The bestselling console of the current generation? – (c) Microsoft, BuildMontage: Daily Jim

In the past month, the gap between the new Xbox and the previous generation has increased by 248,332 other units. So this is lying Xbox X / S The first 6 months has 558858 units in advance.

The Xbox One It reached its first major milestone, 10 million, in its 14th month of sales. 10 million more came in the 30th month. In general, the Xbox One It sold over 50.07 million times seven years later. Figures are based on estimates based on GfK numbers reported.

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Where can I buy or pre-order Xbox Series X / S now?

On the Internet it is that Xbox X Series Currently out of print is everywhere, but hope you can purchase one ASAP.

The Xbox Series X was last available on May 14th. It can be found on, but the arrangement was only possible for a few moments.


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So you should keep an overview on the following retailer pages:

The Xbox X / S It appeared worldwide on November 10, 2020 The biggest differences are Xbox One We have listed you.