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Gran Turismo 7: Microtransactions Are Sometimes Expensive

Gran Turismo 7: Microtransactions Are Sometimes Expensive

It’s no secret that in the racing game Gran Turismo 7 (far 63.99€ in to buyIn addition to all the free content of the retail version, there are also some microtransactions. Polyphony Digital announced this last year and offered everyone a way to save time playing virtual currency. But it is only now that individual prices are known – sometimes quite exorbitant, like Video game facts mentioned.

All purchases from cars to accessories are made with credits, which you can buy in various combinations for real money if you do not want to invest time. The problem depends on this: there are four packages in total, each with a fixed number of credits. The smallest package is $2.49 per 100,000 credits, while the largest package is $19.99 per 2 million credits. However, there are some cars that cost much more than two million units of in-game currency. McLaren P1 GTR ’16, for example, has 3.6 million credits. In order to be able to buy this tuning in the store, you are forced to buy twice the largest package – thus spending almost $40. For comparison, the same Gran Turismo Sport cost $4.99.

This “compulsory bundle” and current prices may not go down well with all players. By the way, during the “State of Play” video for Gran Turismo 7, cars worth more than 20 million credits were seen. If these actually find their way into the game at some point, they will cost the equivalent of about $200 – a good chunk of money. Alternatively, credits can also be earned or “crunched” as earnings of course, but the time required to earn 1.5 million credits is over an hour even under “ideal conditions”, for example among other things Here on YouTube will be displayed.

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