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The Xbox stick should be called "Keystone" and bring Game Pass to TV

The Xbox stick should be called “Keystone” and bring Game Pass to TV

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It is said that Microsoft has been working on the Xbox for some time. The project should be called “Keystone” and bring Game Pass to TVs.

Update from 05/30/2022: According to colleagues from Windwos Central, the ill-fated Xbox stick now has a name. At Microsoft, devices that bring Xbox Game Pass to TVs without a console are currently called “Keystone”. However, Keystone is still a working title that could change before the Xbox stick is released. Whether Project Keystone will actually be presented at the upcoming Xbox Show on June 12 remains in question. Gamers will likely have to wait longer for news about the Xbox.

The Xbox stick should be called “Keystone” and bring Game Pass to TV

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The original message was dated May 9, 2022: Redmond – A console is no longer the only way to enjoy the latest generation of games. Microsoft doesn’t seem to care much about the actual success of Xbox Xbox X On giving, Redmond’s global company focus is now very clear on it Xbox Game Pass. It could also be key to bypassing the current chip crunch and continuing to attract new users to Xbox. As a report by GameBeat currently notes, it appears that Microsoft wants to release a chip-free console primarily in TV stick form in the next 12 months. Samsung TV owners should be able to access Xbox Game Pass without a stick.

Xbox Game Pass: TV stick and Samsung app probably in the works – big consoles no longer needed

What is behind the Xbox Stick with Game Pass report? As GamesBeat reports, gamers likely won’t have to wait long to get access to Microsoft’s Game Pass on any TV without an Xbox. To replace the console, all you need is a small Xbox stick-shaped console, which is then connected to the TV. Games, movies, and other Xbox Game Pass content is then simply streamed to the desired TV, such as Amazon’s Fire TV Stick.

Xbox Game Pass: New console likely to bring subscription to TVs next year

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Microsoft has already done enough preparatory work on this area in the past with its xCloud. Basically, this development for Microsoft and Xbox Game Pass was already on the horizon. It’s possible that Samsung TV owners will be able to bypass both the console and Xbox Stick entirely, because a separate Xbox app is planned for TVs from the South Korean tech giant. This will perform the Xbox Stick functionality and give access to Xbox Game Pass even without additional hardware.

Xbox Game Pass: Games without Series X on TV likely within the next twelve months

When will the Xbox Stick and the app be released? First of all, it’s worth noting that GamesBeat’s Jeff Group report isn’t a concrete fact yet. Microsoft has not officially confirmed the Xbox Stick nor the Game Pass access app. However, both add-ons seem very likely in the Xbox Game Pass lineup. According to the report, Microsoft is likely to release both the Xbox Stick and the app as early as 2023.

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Game Pass is now the de facto focus of Microsoft’s gaming division. Some even assume that Game Pass will completely replace Xbox as a platform. Possible target: New hardware becomes unnecessary, players just need to sign up for Xbox Game Pass and can then play on all screens they own. In order to be able to secure this and maintain its appeal, Microsoft has been digging deeper and deeper into its pockets in recent years and months, buying publishers like Activision Blizzard for Xbox. There is also currently in the room that Ubisoft + could become part of Xbox Game Pass.

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