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The Google Pixel Tablet device may support pen input

Google has I/O 2022 . Conference Pixel compact disc. Aside from some vague perceptions and description, not much has been revealed. It’s also not about the subject of pen input, which is supposed to come – the Google tablet has been certified by the Universal Pen Initiative (USI).

USI lists the device as “tanjur“It is a citrus and obviously a code name. But there is no doubt that Google is working on a Pixel tablet. But this year there will be none, the device is not expected until 2023.

As the name suggests, USI has created a pen standard that works across brands. Google is not new to USI and has already been a member since 2018. Some Chromebooks Such a pen is already supported, and some use proprietary solutions. The list can be found at Official Website.

The initiative recently introduced version 2.0 of its standard. This includes a wireless charging system for the pen with wireless NFC charging (WLC 2.0), which can transmit up to 1 watt – the pen doesn’t require much power. The new version also offers improved tilt detection. It is not yet known which version of the USI standard the Google tablet uses.


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