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Theater – God of Carnage at the Hohenberger Theater

Theater – God of Carnage at the Hohenberger Theater

“God of Slaughter” by Yasmina Reza, first performed at Two Linden Inn. Theater fans can look forward to this. This is the first post-lockdown production of the local theater company “Spielfeld” headed by Merten Gareiß. Merten Garris explains the selection of plays: “It’s a wonderful, fiercely angry comedy affair that I loved years ago when I went to the theater and really wanted to play once.”

And the actors of “Spielfeld”, as in the past, promise the finest theatrical feeling. Astrid Krizanek-Valman, a native of Lilienfeld and founding member of “Spielfeld”, will appear as Annette Ryle. The 26-year-old Mircan Adtakan from St. Pölten is on stage as Veronique Houillé in a double team in its second weekend. The cast of Veronique Hoyle in the first weekend of shows is Margit Meringer-Garris of Hohenberg. She has been a field member since 2005. Field Chief Merten Jarris and Lienfelder Alex Bernhardt take on the role of Michelle Holley. The latter has been with “Spielfeld” since 2015.

Premieres March 24th

Heinz Sharp from Baden takes the role of Alan Reilly. All of the cast, with the exception of Alex Bernhard, had already taken part in several productions by the Bürgertheater des Landestheaters Niederösterreich in St. Polten. Maria Eros and artist Tony Wagner will provide artistic and musical support. The group has so far played at Lilienfeld Abbey. When Merten and Margit Gareiß moved to Hohenberg, “Spielfeld” decided to move the place here. The staging of the play is very close to the original. “The special thing is that the play lives on from the script, was played in only one ‘set’, and almost all the time all four actors are on stage at the same time,” says Merten Garris, describing the main challenges in realizing the play.

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All performances take place in the ballroom of the Zwei Linden hostel. Premieres Friday, March 24th. Other game dates are on March 25, 26, and 31 and on April 1 and 2. Performances start at 7:30pm on Friday and Saturday and at 6pm on Sunday. Tickets are available from the Gareiß Painter in Hohenberg, via the theatrical group’s website the match and at Lilienfelder Stüberl in Lilienfeld.