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Theater im Pfarheim – Valentine’s quirks are more relevant than ever

Created March 10, 2023 | 15:00

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David Czifer, Max Mayerhofer and Mara Koppitsch from “ergo arte” immersed themselves in the world full of comedy and quirks of Karl Valentine.

Karen Schohbuck

uTo put it in Carl Valentine’s words: “I don’t know at all what critics think of my work – I just want people to laugh.” This was the motto of the artistic association “Ergo Art” on November 9 with a literary play with texts by Karl Valentine on the parsonage stage.

The cultural association “ergo arte” was founded in 2015 by David Czifer and Max Mayerhofer (both also known from Lastkrafttheater) to develop extraordinary cultural projects from all artistic fields. After opening remarks by Deputy Mayor Christina Trampeyer Hauer, “Ergo Arte” with Valentines Panopticum offers an insight into the work of the talented comedian, who was born in Munich in 1882 and lived until 1948.

About the constant struggle with everyday life, authorities and fellow human beings

Directed by Peter Pausz, David Czifer, Max Mayerhofer and Mara Koppitsch, it gave audiences an evening of entertainment that showed that Valentine’s quirks are more relevant today than ever. Pessimism and tragedy are fueled in comedy by the constant struggle with everyday things like dealing with authorities and fellow human beings. Many of Valentine’s quotes can still be found in common parlance today.

After the entertainment, the parish council invited everyone to eat and drink in the warm atmosphere of the rectory.