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She teases a woman who is “too ugly” for her husband

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A Scotswoman harvests sheathstorm – because her husband is “too sweet” for her

After a post on Tiktok, many users are questioning Hazel McBride’s appearance. She was “too ugly” to have such an attractive man.


Scottish Hazel McBride wanted to introduce her handsome husband on Tiktok, but she received many negative comments from envious people.

tiktok/Hazelmcbrid Author

  • A woman from Scotland received many negative comments and envy when she posed without makeup next to her handsome husband on Tiktok.

  • Many frankly said that she was “too ugly” for her partner. With her confidence, McBride was able to take the comments by storm.

  • However, she uses the story as an opportunity to criticize the social pressure that places on women to be “beautiful”.

In fact, Hazel McBride just wanted to jump on the Tiktok trend about “hot couples,” but she had no idea. her post would lead. Just minutes after her clip was posted, the Scotsman’s video went viral. And at the same time they came Envy and negative comments.

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Because she was aware that today is everywhere, from social media to Reality TV programmes For dating apps, when it’s normal to publicly praise or criticize the looks of others, McBride, 30, wasn’t surprised by the brutal backlash.

In the video, McBride stands next to her tall, skinny, and handsome husband—traits that make him traditionally attractive by Western standards—while the on-screen caption reads, “When are we going to start seeing insanely hot men with average-looking women?” Before posting the clip, the young woman said, about them Just “stupidity” of this direction Like laughed today mentioned.

Most of the negative comments came from men telling women that they are ugly or that they are looking for compliments. The most common comment from women was, “Is your husband single?” She admits that if a young woman is not confident in herself, the constant comments will hurt her “100 percent” self-confidence.

“I am so lucky to be so secure in myself and my relationship”

“I’m very fortunate to be so secure in myself and my relationship. But I think if I wasn’t, the number of comments saying I was ‘below average’ or that my husband was ‘definitely’ cheating on me, would have actually affected me negatively.”

McBride explained, “I think when my husband and I go out and don’t wear makeup, people look at us like they’re trying to figure out how I got it.” “When I do my makeup and hair, those looks go away.”

Women are constantly scrutinized for their appearance.

At the same time, she criticizes the social pressure on women to be “beautiful”: “If a woman is confident and has the audacity to call herself attractive, people will say she is conceited. Conversely, when a woman puts herself down, she looks for compliments.” No matter how we present ourselves to the world, women are constantly scrutinized for their appearance. Either we wear too much makeup or we don’t try hard enough. Our clothes are too sparse or too outdated. We’re too fat or too skinny. We can never be as good as we are. We are because we’re always being told we’re not enough in some way.”

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The now married couple met six years ago when McBride was working in Tenerife. She saw it and knew “I gotta get it”. “He was incredibly shy. With a face as pretty as his, I couldn’t believe it and thought it wasn’t in me. To test this theory, I simply planted a kiss on his lips. The rest is history,” says the adoring wife.

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