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Theater in Großglobnitz – Funny premiere: Scenes from the “most flat last 70s”

Theater in Großglobnitz – Funny premiere: Scenes from the “most flat last 70s”

Created March 20, 2023 | 19:15

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Julia Wagner, Tanja Seidel, Jasmine Bender, Matthias Hofbauer, Bernhard Bubinger, Philipp Bruckner, Tobias Schweiger, Lukas Bruckner, Karina Lechwer, Cornelia Schuster and Franz Seidl skilfully slipped into their roles.

Franz pepper

DrThe young Großglobnitz culture and theater association was invited to the premiere and to other performances. The play “Ü70er WG” appears and is a comedy in three acts.

Audiences can look forward to two and a half hours of hearty laughter away from everyday life when they visit the current play “Ü70er WG” by the Kultur- und Theaterverein Großglobnitz at Gasthaus Widhalm. This was confirmed at the premiere on March 17, because the audience didn’t skimp on applause. If you want to see for yourself, you can visit the performance next weekend.

Funny performance with exciting content

Retirement home? No thank you! Old friends Johann, August, Lottie and Maria join together to form a pensioner’s share and buy an old house together. Since the four do not receive a luxurious pension, the first of the month is often almost the last. Reminders, push reminders, and orders are no longer opened at all, but immediately disappear in the kitchen drawer. When the big loan comes around Easter, good advice is expensive. What is the fastest way to get money to prevent selling your house and farm? But the elderly do not allow themselves to be defeated so easily. Some people or others have a sly old dog behind their ears.

Lukas Bruckner and Bernhard Poppinger are responsible for preparation and organization. Advance ticket sales are available from Lukas Bruckner on 0664 9289880. The match will be played on March 24th and 25th at 8pm and March 26th at 7pm. Many thanks to Gasthaus Widhalm for the building, the sponsors, the guests of honor and Haarwunderland Zwettl.