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A large theater for 21 women

A large theater for 21 women

Women are underrepresented in the art scene. The owner of the Linz Gallery, Alexander Seidler, is currently giving women artists a big stage with the show “Sie ist Kunst” (until April 15th) and is able to present the career and public work of individual artists as well as the large number. Approximately 120 images fill the gallery space. Both the audience and the gallery owner are very satisfied.

Seidler is not looking for a common thread, nor for a common theme. In January he began visiting the studios to get an overview. Together with the artists with whom he has been associated for years, he has selected six works from different creative phases.

The works of the five deceased masters come from the private archives, for example by Auguste Kronheim, Vilma Eckl and Margret Bilger. The naïve reversed glass painting is reminiscent of Brenate Schwarzer, and the reversed glass paintings of Gerlind Ruprecht are reminiscent of Chagall and Rousseau.

Great variety of expressions

The works are not hung in groups, not only for diplomatic reasons, but one work by each artist is in the main room and also distributed in the other rooms. Carefully balanced aesthetically, the diversity of expressions is mesmerizing. During the tour you will come across the style and technique of the respective artist several times.

In the center is Eva Bosch’s Blue Mountain Range between two granite columns. On the ledge you’ll find powerful figurines of women by Anyrose Riddell. Prisca Riedel digitally prints her protest against the misogyny of the Bauhaus era as a “comforter for the soul.” Irene Gunsch, a gifted illustrator, and expert in fine line writing for subtle subjects, can be found next to Helga Schager’s feminist rants. Crowds of People by Evelyn Krinker alongside the very quiet photographic works of Nicola Huckle-Haslinger encourage people to keep searching and rediscovering, as do both synergy and juxtaposition.

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Other models should also be mentioned here: Johanna Dorn, Astrid Eislinger, Veronica Merl, Cynthia Mitterhuber, Maria Moser, Margit Palm, Adelheid Romichhofer, Birgit Schweiger and Sylvia Sun.

Artist Lectures: Friday, March 24 and 31, from 4 p.m