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– These are shameful scenes – VG

In eight days, a total of 88 police officers have been injured in connection with violent riots in Belfast, Northern Ireland.


In the northern afternoon and evening, riots continued in the northern Irish capital. Petrol bombs, roof tiles and bricks were hurled at police – and insurgents set a car on fire and sent it to police.

Three youths were arrested, but further investigations are pending. Police said a male police officer fainted and was taken to hospital for treatment. He was reportedly one of 14 officers injured Friday Police in a statement.

A total of 88 police officers were injured last week, police said.

– These are shameful scenes – ruthless and dangerous criminal behavior, resulting in the injury of many of our police officers. Fortunately, there is no question of serious injuries, says police chief Darren Fox.

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Police: The worst unrest in Northern Ireland in years – police firing on police

Will punish the rebels

The police chief believes that the devastating riots in Belfast over the past eight days have achieved nothing but the destruction of the local community.

“People in these areas, or anywhere, do not want or deserve to experience the fear that many of them may have felt in recent nights,” Fox said.

In the press release, police address all people in the Belfast area who are influential in helping put an end to the violence, including parents and local leaders.

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– We can assure the community that we will continue the work of keeping citizens safe. The investigation is ongoing and the evidence collected will now be reviewed. Fox says those identified will face the punishment of the law.

Linked to Brexit and funeral rites

The unrest comes 23 years after the peace deal ended Northern Ireland’s civil war, also known as the “problems”. More than 3,500 people were killed in the 30-year conflict.

Police are investigating whether the unrest could be linked to pro-British groups such as the UVF and the UDA. Armed conflict in former Ireland is said to have killed more than 540 people in the years of terrorism and revenge, but dropped its weapons in 2009.

At the moment, unrest is linked to friction between faith groups, namely groups that support Northern Ireland, the rest of the UK and various groups that want a united Ireland.

A new customs border in Brexit and the Irish Sea is also said to have sparked the conflict. In addition, the violence of recent days has been linked to the failure to prosecute anyone who attended the funeral of a former IRA member in June 2020.

The funeral was attended by 2,000 people, which took place despite strict corona restrictions.