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Volcanic eruption on Caribbean St. Vincent – NRK Urix – Foreign News & Documentaries

According to local emergency services, the volcanic eruption in the north of the island sent la ash 6,000 meters into the air.

The danger level has been raised to red, and four cruise ships have been dispatched to pick up the evacuated people.

“I have issued an eviction order for all those living in the red zones in the northeast and northwest of the island,” Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves wrote on Twitter.

About 4,500 people have now been evicted. According to Gonzalves, it could take months for them to return to their homes.

Large clouds of smoke rise from the St. Vincent volcano.

Photo: Orville Samuel / A.P.

4500 people were evicted

About 16,000 people live within the evacuation area.

The news came after scientists announced to authorities that they had discovered magma going to the surface.

The evictees will be taken to other parts of the island or to neighboring countries such as Barbados and Saint Lucia.

According to Reuters, the ash could affect the surrounding grenades, Barbados, Saint Lucia and the islands of Grenada.

La Safrier glowed red in the dark on Thursday night, and a warning of an impending eruption came after several days of seismic activity around the volcano.

Smoke billows from the glowing dome of La Sofrier volcano in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

What the volcano was like on April 8th.

Photo: Seismic Research Center / Reuters

– This is just the beginning

Scientists monitoring the volcano have warned authorities that they have found magma on the way to the surface. The country’s emergency services warned of a significant risk of a catastrophe.

“This is just the beginning,” Erosilla Joseph of the West Indies University Seismology Research Center told Reuters.

The last eruption of the volcano occurred in 1979. The largest eruption occurred in 1902, killing at least 1,600 people.

St. Vincent and the largest island in the Grenadines is St. Vincent.

It is located northeast of Venezuela and east of the Caribbean Sea. The country has a population of about 110,000 and, among other things, is a popular destination for long-distance sailors.

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