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These signs will tell you if others are jealous of you

These signs will tell you if others are jealous of you

Whether in a relationship, between friends, or at work: envy can occur in any environment. Envious people act with envy and project others in a negative light in order to improve their appearance. What are the signs that someone is jealous of you and how to deal with it.

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5 signs that your partner is jealous of you

Surely you know the feeling: You can scroll through Instagram and see how friends can enjoy their vacation, take pictures with a celebrity on the beach and check out a luxury hotel. Meanwhile, you’re sitting at home, exhausted from the tiring day and wishing you could experience it all for yourself right now. Even if we want to suppress this feeling of envy, it pops up again and again. While some can relate to it properly, others simply cannot stand it and react with envy. Here we will tell you the warning signs that your counterpart is jealous of you.

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Sign 1: Competitive behavior

If your peer constantly compares himself to you, and wants to surpass you and prove his superiority, then this indicates his dissatisfaction and envy. On the contrary, you have the feeling that you have to measure yourself against him or enter him into some kind of competition, even though you really don’t want to.

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Sign 2: Imitation

Here too, comparisons come into play: if the other person is comparing you and wants to be like you or take your position, you can assume that they are jealous of you. So he or she could be buying the same outfit, getting the same haircut or even trying to win over your friends.

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Sign 3: Minimizing achievements

When envious people are constantly reminded of what others have achieved and haven’t (yet) done, they push themselves by belittling others. So, if you’re sharing a success but the other person acts like it’s no big deal or even makes negative comments, that’s a sign of jealousy. Crossed arms, a fake smile, or rolling eyes can indicate this.

Sign 4: Mark the failures

If your counterpart – as previously described – cannot celebrate successes with you and failures are spread out, this indicates a certain amount of elation and indicates envy. He or she feels better about yourself when you fail. Accordingly, the person behind your back can also be happy about the already bad news and stress it even more.

Sign 5: Alibi

Have you ever talked about someone behind their back? However, most of the time, we don’t feel good afterward and we know it wasn’t nice. However, if someone is constantly and unrepentantly profaning you, you can assume that they are doing it behind your back. Envy or jealousy is usually hidden behind this, although it can also be a sign of a toxic friendship.

The best tips for dealing with envy

  1. Try to understand why the other person might be jealous and distance yourself if necessary. It is important not to allow yourself to be bullied or belittled, otherwise your self-esteem could suffer.
  2. If your success has been underestimated, keep the news to yourself for next time. You don’t deserve someone to destroy your sense of accomplishment. Instead, enjoy it yourself and don’t let it take you away.
  3. You can also turn envy into something positive and treat it as a compliment. It at least shows that someone else would like to be in your position – you seem to be doing everything right.