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These starry sky apps make it possible

These starry sky apps make it possible

What is the best time to observe celestial objects? What constellations can you see now? You can learn a lot about the night sky using different constellation apps. We've taken a closer look at three starry sky apps.

What are the applications of constellation?

So what exactly can you do with starry sky apps? Individual features vary by app, but they can help you, for example, see which celestial objects are visible from your location and when is the best time to observe them. Starry sky apps can also be used to identify constellations and learn more about satellites. In many applications, you can also be notified of interesting and unusual astronomical events.

1. Star Walk 2

(Screenshot: Star Walk 2)

Star Walk 2 It is one of the most popular constellation apps and has both Google Play Store And also in Apple App Store Rating 4.5 or 5 stars.

According to users Star Walk 2 is visually beautiful and easy to use. The application works with augmented reality. This means that the smartphone camera is held up to the starry sky, and the app will automatically recognize and display the constellations and stars.

The app is ad-supported and contains in-app purchases: However, there is also a premium version without ads and with some additional features for €6.99 one time or 0.99 euros per month. Before that, you can try the premium version for free for seven days.


  • Visually beautiful
  • Intuitive use


  • Advertising in the free version
  • Many functions only in premium version

2. Sky View Light

(Screenshot: SkyView Lite)

Sky View Lite is one of the most popular free constellation apps. With this application it is possible to discover celestial bodies, stars, constellations, the moon and satellites, among other things. When you first open it, you have to allow access to your current location and camera, as the app also uses your smartphone's camera to recognize objects. Sky View Lite stands for both Android And also for internal control Department available. However, the app is only available in English.

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  • Free
  • Just a little advertising
  • Rich with information


  • Only available in English

3. Star chart

(Screenshot: star chart)

This app also uses augmented reality technology to track users' movements and location. The application adapts to horizontal and portrait orientation. The Star Chart app contains a comprehensive catalog of 125,000 stars as well as 88 constellations and many constellations and other space objects. The starry sky app is available for free, but many functions are only available for an additional cost: to get all the features, you must use the Star Chart ∞ to 5.99 euros (As of April 2024).

The app is also for both Android And also for internal control Department available.


  • Too many jobs
  • easy to use


  • Expensive compared to other constellation applications

4. Heaven's Guide

(Screenshot: Fifth Star Labs)

At first glance, Sky Guide looks very similar to other apps. However, you'll receive a notification here for special events: the app will tell you if and when you can see a meteor shower or satellites in the sky. Even for planets and stars that are rarely visible, the calendar function shows you when the best time is. The app is available in German and can also show you the starry sky from past or future nights. To unlock all the towers and the stories behind them, you have to pay €1.99. Plus, with Sky Guide Plus, true lovers get 100x more stars, 100x zoom, satellites, and more accurate forecasts. However, the Plus version is only available as a subscription for €2.99 per month 21.49 euros in the year.

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The app is still only available for apple-Hardware. However, Sky Guide is also available for the Apple Vision Pro.


  • Nice design
  • easy to use
  • Calendar forecasts


  • Only for Apple devices
  • Expensive premium subscription

Conclusion: Which constellation app is best?

Which starry sky app is best depends of course on the preferences and budget of the user in question. Each of the apps we tried is visually beautiful and serves its purpose. They all use augmented reality technology and offer many interesting functions. For this reason, it's helpful to try out apps yourself to find your favorite one.

If you don't want to spend money and know English, that's it Sky View Light It is definitely a good option because the app is completely free and still offers many functions.

If you want to try other apps, there are plenty to choose from in this area. Other popular starry sky apps include Sky map And Pocket universe (iOS only). The NASA app also offers interesting functionality for fans of the starry sky.

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