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These types of fruits reduce the risk

These types of fruits reduce the risk

The first signs of dementia are: Confusion, speech problems and difficulties In daily life. First of all, that leaves it Short-term memory Then, but as dementia progresses, long-term memory also weakens. Acquired cognitive, emotional and social skills gradually decline until those affected are barely able to cope independently. Researchers at Columbia University in New York have now discovered this Apples and berries It is said to have a positive effect on memory.

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Dementia: Do plant by-products really keep the brain fit?

This has already been proven in previous research secondary plant materials, particularly Flavonoidswhich can enhance mental performance.

One recently in PNAS Trade Journal The published study confirms this result and attempts to provide tangible amounts in order to reduce the risk of dementia.

In the study it was 3,562 healthy people They were examined at approximately 70 years of age and divided into two groups:

  1. Half of the participants took it daily for three years 500 milligrams of flavanols (a subgroup of flavonoids).
  2. The other half received one Placebo without flavanols.

A urine sample was also taken from 1,361 participants at the beginning of the study to determine how many flavanols they actually had. Before studying Recordings. The overall health of their diet was also assessed. Cognitive performance was determined using various tests.

Study result

The study found that the risk of mental decline was lower among participants who ate a healthy diet rich in flavonoids. People who had a low intake of flavanols from food and followed an unhealthy diet were able to prevent declines in mental fitness and even increase their memory performance by taking flavanol supplements.

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especially Apples and berries It is characterized by its high content of flavonoids and thus contributes greatly to this Reducing the risk of dementia in. In addition, dark chocolate, green and black tea, cress, red onions, kale, and arugula are also rich in phytochemicals.

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