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Powerful people are also affected by this

Powerful people are also affected by this

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Stomach aches and feelings of oppression and then the yellow glow beckons? Work can sometimes cause a lot of worries. But repression is not good.

Most employees are probably familiar with the uncomfortable feeling on Monday morning when the work week begins again. This is normal in some doses, but if fear takes over, it is a cause for concern.

Powerful people are affected by “worry and worry.”

The tomes pile up and the two become the final boss? Even strong people can be afraid of work. (Avatar) © Andrey Popov/Imago

Much of what people think is trained or learned. In daily life, people usually try to avoid problems. This manifests itself, for example, in lack of sleep, because those affected often think about the situation for a long time and try to improve it. Psychologist Beth Mushala says in an interview with: Mirror: “They are often very strong people who appear strong on the outside and are generally not helpless.” They will try to nip problems in the bud and secure everything throughout the day. This is difficult because there are hardly any stages of recovery left.

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What to do if you are afraid of work?

Do you recognize yourself when people talk about being afraid of work? Then you have to think and look for possible solutions to control fear again. For example, if the problem concerns a person, you should think about how to solve it. If your fear is due more to a desire for perfection, you should work on improving your attitude, he writes you are in.

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Overcome fear by practicing mindfulness

Distracting yourself from fear seems obvious at first glance, but it is the wrong approach, says the portal practical life. Instead, those affected should stay in the here and now through the “5, 4, 3, 2, 1” mindfulness exercise. This is how this thing works:

  • Pay attention to five sounds you hear right now.
  • Next, on the five items you see.
  • Then look at five things you feel.

Then keep doing it until you get somewhere. Ideally, always look for new aspects to focus on. However, if you notice that this does not help, seek medical support.

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