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They have discovered a city that is 3000 years old

Famous Egyptian archaeologist Sahi Hawass Announced On Thursday his team of archaeologists discovered what he described as a “lost golden city” in Luxor.

According to Hawass, this city, known as Athens, was the largest ancient city found in Egypt. It must be 3000 years old.

“Many expeditions have searched the city without finding it,” Hawass said in a statement.

You finished the discovery: The team that made the startling discovery is led by renowned archaeologist Zahi Hawass. Photo: Amr Nabil / Abi / NDP
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Excavation began in September last year, near the Kings Valley, west of Luxor. A few weeks later, the team discovered patterns of clay stones scattered in all directions.

Also excavated are numerous buildings – still in good condition – and rooms filled with materials.

– Archaeological layers have been untouched for thousands of years, abandoned by people as they were yesterday, writes Hawass.

– The most important in a hundred years

Betsy Bryan, a professor of Egyptology at Johns Hopkins University, was quoted in the announcement as saying that the discovery was significant since the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922.

For many years, witchcraft was associated with Tutankhamun’s father, Agenaden, And his controversial choices and rule.

When he took over as king, he changed his name, left the ancient Egyptian capital Thebes, and tried to turn the Egyptian god into a god of the world: the sun god Athens.

After leaving Thebes, Agenaden founded a city of his own, which for a short time became the capital of Egypt. There he ruled with Queen Nefertiti until his death.

Why Aquinaden left Thebes is still an unanswered question, which one hopes can be answered after further investigations into the newly discovered city.

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– This discovery gives us a rare view of the life of the ancient Egyptians at a time when the Egyptian Empire was in a very prosperous state. It will also help shed light on one of the greatest mysteries in history: Professor Betsy Bryan says why Agenaton and Nefertiti decided to go.

Warns of additional findings

Excavations have uncovered ancient skeletons and objects such as jewelry, pottery, and amulets, and many tools believed by archaeologists have been used for spinning and weaving, as well as for the production of glass and metal.

A human skeleton, apparently buried in a “significant” way, is one of the things being investigated.

According to Hawass, many of the objects they found confirm that the city was active during the reign of Aquinaden with his father. Amanhotep3.

Excavations are almost complete, and the famous archaeologist says more discoveries are expected in the future. He believes these discoveries will contribute to a deeper knowledge of Egyptian history 3,500 years ago.