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Forensic scientists in the case of George Floyd: – Murder – VG

Appearance: The photo shows Derek Sue sitting with his hands on George Floyd showing the glove. Leading Police Officer Alexander Queng. Photo: MINNEAPOLIS POLICE DEPARTMENT / Reuters

The forensic pathologist who performed the autopsy on George Floyd stands by his conclusion that Floyd’s death was a homicide. His underlying disease and drug use contributed but not direct causes.

This was explained by Andrew Baker when he testified Friday at the trial of police officer Derek Souv, who is accused of killing George Floyd when he was arrested in May last year.

For nine minutes and 29 seconds Suu Kyi sat on her knees and pushed Floyd to the ground.

Andrew Baker, who performed the autopsy on Floyd, explained in court that he died of a heart attack due to the way he was pushed and caught on the ground.

Witness: Dr. Andrew Baker. Photo: Court TV Pool

When he wrote the autopsy report last year, he said it was a murder.

“My opinion will not change,” he told the court on Friday, CNN reported.

About the underlying diseases that Floyd may have had – he must have had a heart disease – among other things – or the drugs that were in his body, they say, were not “direct causes of Floyd’s death.”

– They contribute to the causes, but I would still classify this as a murder, Baker said.

However, he points out that the medical definition of his death does not mean that he was guilty of suicide after the indictment.

Lost life: George Floyd was arrested on suspicion of using a counterfeit dollar bill. Photo: Christopher Harris / Christopher Harris

Never seen the video

Death was created Strong commitment around police violence White police officers performed against blacks. This happened not only in Minneapolis, but also in large parts of the world. One reason the protests erupted was that the video of the arrest soon went viral.

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Baker testified that he had never seen the video of Floyd sitting on Suu Kyi’s knee with his knee before the autopsy.

– I know at least one video has gone viral on the internet, but I’m not deliberately watching it before I tested Floyd. I don’t want to be influenced by going to work with a prejudice that can lead me in a certain direction, he said.

Here is a video that Baker did not watch before the autopsy:

However, after the work was done, he watched several videos and finally got it.

Low oxygen level

During the first two weeks of the trial, the prosecution summoned several medical witnesses who explained that Floyd was dead because he was no longer allowed to breathe freely as a result of the force used against him.

The doctor who declared Floyd dead testified that he was present at the time of his death Shortness of breath is often considered the cause.

Inside the store: George Floyd in black single. The picture was taken from a surveillance camera in the store where he was suspected of paying with a counterfeit note, which led to a call to police. Photo: Court TV Pool

Pulmonologist Martin Tobin estimates that sometimes the pressure from Suv’s knee is similar. About 41.5 kg of pressure against the neck To African-American Floyd.

– Witness said Thursday from the box that he died because of low oxygen levels.

So far there are no witnesses from the defense side

Several police chiefs have intensified their investigation into Suu Kyi, and He was criticized for using force. Someone described it as violating the guidelines and thought it was «Absolutely unnecessary.

“Because if you press your knee against someone’s neck, you can kill them,” he said.

Many who witnessed the incident told the court they responded to how the police were arrested. Despite that Many of them tried to stop them.

Denies Suu Kyi’s criminal conviction. So far, security witnesses have not explained themselves. The case is set to return to court next week.