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This aircraft engine runs on liquid hydrogen

This aircraft engine runs on liquid hydrogen

American company Global hydrogen A year ago, a passenger aircraft (Bombardier 8-300) was flown with a hydrogen fuel cell engine. At that time, the company replaced one of the two turbofan engines Hydrogen fuel cell engine It was replaced in the Megawatt Performance category. However, the hydrogen used at that time was still gaseous.

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Last week Universal Hydrogen introduced one New fuel cell enginethe liquid Hydrogen used. Liquid hydrogen has an advantage over previously used gaseous hydrogen in that it requires less space – on the same scale. “This is the largest fuel cell powertrain ever powered by liquid hydrogen,” Mark Cousin, the company's president and chief technology officer, said in a statement. Broadcasting.

Hydrogen in a special unit

Liquid hydrogen is produced in a specially developed system lonliness Storage – A type of tank that has approximately the dimensions of a standard shipping container. This shape makes the tank well-suited to airport infrastructure and operations: containers can be loaded and unloaded easily.

Fit in the tank About 200 kilograms Hydrogen in liquid form. Liquid hydrogen must also be able to be stored in the unit for a long time without evaporating. The unit developed by Universal Hydrogen also includes a system that converts liquid hydrogen into gaseous hydrogen. thanks for the 2 these units It should be a regional plane from Type ATR 72 above 900 km It can fly away.

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First passengers in 2026

The new drive is currently under development and will be available on Mojave Air and Space Port Extensively tested. The drive is currently being tested on a test stand that can simulate flights – the so-called Iron birds. Universal Hydrogen was already able to do this Flight profile for a regional jet Recreating that 1 hour and 40 minute flight.

The liquid hydrogen engine will soon enter series production. Universal Hydrogen plans to begin regular passenger operations in 2026.