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You should stay away from these 6 types of toxic personalities

You should stay away from these 6 types of toxic personalities

A colleague is jealous, a friend sees everything in the dark – certain personality traits of our fellow human beings have a lasting impact. What toxic influences harm us most?

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6 types of toxic personalities

In addition to the many great personalities we meet in our lives, there are unfortunately always people who cross our path and do not mean well towards us – consciously or unconsciously. They constantly complain, spread a bad mood, or take advantage of others. No one is perfect, but if someone acts this way all the time, they better leave. This is how you protect yourself, because toxic people can really bring us down. The following personality types can appear individually but also in combination. So: be careful when meeting them.

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1. Envious

Although no one likes to admit it, envy is a completely normal feeling. We've probably all felt jealous of someone at some point. But? Permanently dissatisfied With your private life and always feeling jealous of others, it not only puts pressure on yourself, but also on those around you.

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2. Eternal blasphemers

Do you know someone who constantly talks badly about others and never says anything good about them? It is very likely that you will also find yourself in the middle of this at some point Blasphemy. This personality type is often fair Not satisfied With yourself and need something that makes everyday life more exciting. Keep your distance because this behavior is not good for anyone.

3. Liars

Lies don't just start with big things, they usually start with small things. You can join People are dishonest Never rely on whether what they say is true. Sometimes it gets so bad that they get completely lost in building their story and no one can trust them anymore.

4. Aggression

Choleric and aggressive personality types can be dangerous on many levels. They put us to extremes High stress levels And put us in very unpleasant situations. Particular caution is required here – be sure to keep your distance!

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5. Negatives

There is someone who is always complaining, who has something to complain about in everything, and it is always someone else flaw? This can really ruin your mood. Surround yourself with people who, despite difficult experiences, aspire and want to see beauty in the world. Here we will tell you how you can turn negative beliefs into positive beliefs.

6. Toxic positives

Not only are negative people stressful, positive people are toxic too. Not everything in life goes well, and sometimes we have to go through difficult stages. It is especially important to surrender to these feelings and leave room for anger, sadness, or fear.

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