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This is behind Schinkel's anger

This is behind Schinkel’s anger

After disgrace 4-0 against Austria Klagenfurt, former national player Frenkie Schinkels faced St. Pölten. Now he explains the background.

“Sneaked out of St. Pölten, picked it up from St. Pölten. You don’t belong to St. Pölten” – in a video he posted on Facebook (I mentioned oe24Shinkels said to himself in anger on Wednesday. After about 20 hours, it was shared more than 630 times and commented more than 3,300 times. But what does that mean?

During a visit to the Schweizerhaus in Vienna’s Prater, the 58-year-old watched the first leg of the landing between St Pölten and Klagenfurt on a tablet via a live broadcast. The outcome and the near-certain lineage of the Lower Austrians are known. Before the second leg on Saturday (5 PM), Schinkels had already identified the culprits. And according to him, they are not the players. He openly rebuked sporting director George Zilhofer, General Manager Andreas Blumauer and Frank Schreier’s agent, saying, “You’re crazy.”

“I have to sound the alarm now.”

On Thursday, Schinkels assured Austria: “I must raise the alarm now. Otherwise, everyone will continue to work as they want.” In the video, he also forgot about another person he’s so disappointed with: Board Member Thomas Nintwich. Schinkel has “completely lost” hope that he can make a difference.

Saint Bolton is a matter close to his heart. He has lived in the capital of the province of Lower Austria for 31 years. He coached SKN between 2003 and 2004 as head coach, from 2014 to 2017 he was the Sports Director there. “I loved working there,” says Schinkels. “It was a dream.” Now missing there is St. Pölten’s philosophy, “Nobody sympathizes with the club”.

The promotion was successful under the direction of Sports Director Schinkel

Under the direction of sporting director Schinkels, the Wolves rose to the Bundesliga in 2015 and were able to stay in the league the following year. “I knew about football and played 100 percent,” said the Dutch native. “Now a lot of unsuspecting people are talking.” Now he’s hoping for a miracle. Because: “St. Bolton did not deserve to go to this beautiful stadium.”

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