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This is Germany’s largest live-streaming service ·

This is Germany’s largest live-streaming service ·

The big three live streaming providers Netflix, Amazon and Disney are competing for market dominance. Which one can currently prevail in Germany?

Netflix Series have been produced one after another for years. Recently, a series like “Das Damengampet” And the “Bridgerton“Have a big fan base. But the other major broadcasters aren’t sleeping either. So it can Amazon With satire of superheroesThe boysPersuade the audience and get involved Disney + Enjoy ‘MandalorianThe Marvel series is very popular. But what is the most successful live streaming service currently in Germany?

The entire Marvel cinematic universe and almost “Star Wars” franchise await at Disney +: get a subscription now

JustWatch, which advises viewers to use broadcast providers, measured market shares of services in Germany in the first quarter of 2021. The big three providers, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney + make up 82% of the market in this country. So far, that shouldn’t be a surprise. However, lies Prime Video at 34% shortly before Netflix at 32%, Although this is generally considered the best service.

In our region Video There is a comparison between broadcast providers:

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Disney + has managed to increase its market share

The large market share of Amazon Prime can be easily explained by the fact that many people do not necessarily use the service because of the movie and series showing, but because of many other benefits, including free delivery. The percentage of customers with a broadcast subscription alone is likely to be much lower.

As a pure streaming service, it is no surprise that Netflix is ​​at the forefront. Disney + has a market share of 16%, followed by Sky with 7%. Apple TV +, Joyn, and TVNow are all represented by less than 5% and thus negligible. Interestingly, Disney alone was able to increase its market share in the first quarter, possibly due to launching MCU series like ‘WandaVision“,”Falcon and Winter Soldier” Such as star Which targets more adult viewers. Other streaming services can only maintain their locations.

The fact that Disney + wants to continue building on its hit shows An announcement by Disney CEO Bob Tangled in March 2021That the entertainment company Over 100 new titles every year He wants publishing, including Marvel, cartoons and Star Wars projects. It was also announced that Two original German productions With titles ”Sultan City” And the “Sam – Saxon“you have to come.

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Meanwhile, Disney + has a combined total of over 100 million paying customers, and is thus an increasing competitor to Netflix and Amazon. However, Netflix is ​​not dependent on its success and would like He invested a lot of money in new films and series in the future.

Use our test to find out which streaming services work best for you:

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