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This is how American celebrities celebrated the 4th of July

This is how American celebrities celebrated the 4th of July

The Fourth of July is traditionally celebrated across the United States in grand and extravagant fashion. All ablaze with the national colors of white, red and blue, the flag is proudly waved and “Born in America” ​​booms from the speakers. Stars also celebrated Independence Day and shared it with the world on social media.

Celebrate with family and friends

US-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger shared an old photo with his son Patrick on Instagram.

© Instagram/Patrick Schwarzenegger

Singer Jennifer Lopez attended the Fourth of July celebration. As part of the emotional song, she declares her love for America, but she also addresses the audience in her native Spanish.

Singer Pitbull appeared casually wearing USA sunglasses on Instagram, writing: “Go and celebrate your freedom because it's precious and freedom is the best gift you'll ever get.”

Actor Mark Wahlberg spent the day with his family. We celebrated by eating together.

Singer Katy Perry flaunts herself in a bikini in USA, drawing attention to her new single, which will be released next week.

Kelly Osbourne spent Independence Day with partner Sid Wilson and their son Sidney. Of course, an outfit to match the “Stars and Stripes” is a must.

© Instagram/Kelly Osbourne

Actress Kristen Bell and her family were in a celebratory mood as she took to Instagram to give insights into her USA dance party. He writes: “Although we have many ways to improve, this is the best place in the world to work hard and see results. We are forever grateful to the people who fought so hard for this democracy.

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Actor Glenn Powell was so happy he was allowed to fly with the US Navy and shared some shots from the cockpit on Instagram.

© Instagram/Glen Powell

It's a very special day for Barack and Michelle Obama; “I am so blessed to have been your mother and to have had the opportunity to watch you grow into an amazing young woman,” mom Michelle Obama tweeted about X.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg showed off his athletic prowess on a surfboard on July 4. He rushes through the waves with an American flag and costume, whether the video is real or AI-generated remains his secret.