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This is how company culture changes the game in transformation » Leadersnet

This is how company culture changes the game in transformation » Leadersnet

At a time when the real estate sector is facing challenges, IG Immobilien shows that a strong cultural foundation makes a crucial difference.

IG Immobilien lives its values ​​of professionalism, consistency and team spirit. The award for Best Employer for SMEs in the Current Trend Survey confirms this approach.

IG Immobilien’s recent successes are no coincidence. The company has realized that a strong corporate culture not only creates a good workplace climate, but also increases employee productivity and engagement – ​​especially during a transformation. Through a multi-stage approach, IG Immobilien has increased its efforts to foster a culture that enables good collaboration and high performance.

Alexander Zauner, Managing Director of Business Gladiators Consulting, who is accompanying the process with his team, gives LEADERSNET insights into the cooperation: “It is very inspiring to support IG Immobilien in its transformation. Managing Directors Paul Grassel and Hubert Vogel know that.” Employees are an important – if not the most important – success factor. Strong leadership and clarity on how we work together unleash incredible strength in teams. I congratulate the managers on their continued perseverance. The entire team has been awarded the Best Employer in SMEs.

“For us, professionalism, consistency and team spirit are more than just guiding principles – they are our core values ​​that form the backbone of our company,” adds Paul Grassel, Managing Director of IG Immobilien. “These values ​​permeate every aspect of our work and are the key to our success. I am convinced that everyone at IG Immobilien knows how they can contribute to bringing our culture to life.”

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