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This is how it continues on Monday, January 16th

This is how it continues on Monday, January 16th

What happens on Monday, January 16th in “Love Storm”? Warning, spoilers follow!

Because of the ARD’s winter sports, Love Storm is on hold for the rest of the week. Here’s what’s in a new episode on Monday, January 16:

Vanessa has to travel to attend a porter conference. In order to be able to accompany her friend to the conference, Caroline takes a short vacation. When she tells Vanessa about her plans, she has to make it clear to her that guys are not welcome at the conference.

Helen misses Andre, who is enjoying his vacation in Africa, and is surprised he hasn’t contacted her yet. When she also learns from Michael that he recently spoke extensively to AndrĂ© on the phone, she is hurt and begins to suspect AndrĂ©’s feelings for her.

Alexandra brings herself to accept Christophe’s help and contacts the specialist who will take on Eleni as a patient. However, Eleni would like to take this to the USA. Alexandra can’t afford it in her current situation, but Kristoff is willing to put up with the costs. He made it clear to Alexandra that he would do anything for Eleni. *

* Text: ARD

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After the episode airs, you can watch it for three months in the future ARD media library Stream. The next episode can be watched online in advance.

Luckily, it was only a temporary goodbye: You can see which “Love Storm” stars made their glamorous comeback in the video:

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