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Reading – Suttner with music: “Just Two Old Men” at the Lemberg Art Salon

Reading – Suttner with music: “Just Two Old Men” at the Lemberg Art Salon

Presenting Music and Literature (from left): Lupe Pfeiffer, Andy Heidecker, Anna Laszlo with Stella and Thomas Suttner.

Sylvia Stark

IAt the Limberg Art Salon, author Thomas Suttner read from his latest book, “Just Two Old Men.” Guitarist Andy Heidecker provided the musical background.

Anna Laszlo and Wolfgang Mayer invited guitarist Andy Heidecker and composer Thomas Suttner to their art salon in Lemberg. “It’s the first time we’ve offered music and reading for the first time,” Mayer said. “It’s the first time for me to start reading in socks,” Thomas Suttner replied with a smile. Because he was so comfortable with his host friends, he quickly took off his shoes and only noticed on stage that he was “bottomless.”

The evening started promisingly with two first performances, and stayed that way, peppered with quotes from Suttner’s latest book, “Only Two Old Men.” With jazz standards by Duke Ellington and Cole Porter and Harold Arlen’s “Stormy Weather,” host and professional singer Laszlo brought the audience, including City Councilor Michaela Sellhofer, to higher musical realms. Co-host Mayer of course pulled out his harmonica during the final issue, then promptly served wine again and celebrated the successful start of the season at the Art Salon.

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