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This is how Microsoft Edge takes over the Internet Explorer legacy

This is how Microsoft Edge takes over the Internet Explorer legacy

Is anyone still using Internet Explorer? If so, it will end next year. Microsoft will end support for Internet Explorer on June 15, 2022. As a workaround, the Back Edge is saddled with a questionable legacy.

After 25 years: Microsoft stops using Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer was able to experience its big anniversary: ​​last year the browser turned 25 years old during this time, a lot has changed online and although Microsoft of course added new updates and releases – It has bypassed the internet browser itself. Finally, the planned browser is already available as a server Microsoft Edge Ready for years. Now Microsoft has that I announce the end of the grace period, but with a back door.

I be Support ends on June 15, 2022 For desktop application Internet Explorer 11 Under Windows 10. Microsoft announced this on the official company blog. Two specifications are worth noting: on the one hand Microsoft Edge will take over Internet Explorer functionality. Legacy Internet Explorer-based websites can still be visited in the future using “IE Mode” in Microsoft Edge (IE stands for Internet Explorer).

On the other hand, advertising applies For certain editions of Windows 10. Internet Explorer is preserved on older operating systems. perfect List of Windows versionsThat is not affected Microsoft Grouped into its frequently asked questions.

You can see Microsoft Edge features in the manufacturer’s video:

Microsoft Edge has a questionable legacy

Mainly, IE Mode in Microsoft Edge is aimed at making it easy for companies to switch with an extended deadline. In the Windows Blog Writes the company that will be in IE mode in Edge At least until 2029 Supported. Anyone who takes a long time to get used to Internet Explorer or has feelings of nostalgia, has a few years before Edge is “reused”.

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Microsoft justifies Internet Explorer swan song with Improved functionality under Edge. This includes, for example, compatibility with new and old websites, apps, and features intended to support productive work. Most of all, Edge offers an More safety While surfing the internet.