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This is how often a wind turbine should turn into an electric car

This is how often a wind turbine should turn into an electric car

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when energy transmission Will wind force Assign a central role. standing equal electric cars when Nav shift in the center. The German owns how much electricity a wind turbine can generate and how far an electric car can cut with this energy Electric car gate everr With clarification of some mathematical examples.

The starting point is one of the largest wind turbines currently, which is “V236-15.0 mWFrom Vestas. This system has a rotor diameter 236 meters I was born 15 MW or 15,000 kilowatts of power.

The average speed of these huge windmills is about 10 revolutions per minute. Thus one cycle takes 6 seconds. This means that the system has One revolution 25 kWh of energy You can breed, Efahrer calculated by.

FILE PHOTO: A general view of Ørsted's offshore wind farm spanning the Walney run off the coast of Blackpool

UK offshore wind farm

Electric vehicle consumption

On the other side of the equation is the consumption of electric cars. The relatively small and economical is used here Volkswagen e-up! with consumption 16 kWh per 100 km as an example.

According to Eiferr’s calculations, the Volkswagen e-up! with the Energy from one revolution of wind turbines Vestas V236 Drive 156 km. to mobilize energy for 32 kWh battery From the VW small electric car, such a wind turbine must be charged 13 seconds Be on, or spin a little more than twice.

Calculate annual production From VW e-up! With its nominal consumption and a paid set of 14000 kmthe huge wind turbines Vestas will only have to 9 minutes To be operational to cover the annual energy consumption.

Calculation is based on smaller wind turbines

However, the huge wind turbines of Vestas Not Al Qaeda there. The vast majority of wind turbines in operation today are significantly smaller and therefore provide less energy. also lies average consumption For electric cars usually above 16 kWh / 100 km of small e-up!.

To take this into account puts free Another computational example based on a clear file smallest wind turbines Based on. This depends on the average power output between 4 and 7 million kilowatt hours annually the end.

Accordingly, one wind turbine is constructed with an annual production capacity of 4 million kilowatt-hours Generate enough power to roam 2,000 e-up! whole year To work for a long time – provided that the annual mileage 14000 km.

Marine factories are significantly more efficient

For larger offshore wind turbines, which produce up to 67.5 GWh can be produced, thus a single wind turbines Enough to drive a VW e-up! annually 400 million km To be able to drive. In other words: such a wind turbine can supply nearly enough power to power it 30,000 e-ups! So you can cover 14,000 km at a time.

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