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This is how the United States views the new federal government

Washington. Veronica Escobar is really getting her hands dirty on the problems on Mexico’s border. But on Wednesday a Democrat woman from El Paso was free to explore foreign policy: a politician she met during her visit to Habeb last year tweeted, “to the leaders of the new German coalition – including Robert Hebeck, who has been appointed deputy chancellor.” The United States was: you look forward to working with you.

Mountain of Challenges

Reactions to it did not fall everywhere in the United States Coalition agreement signed Very positive. The conservative “Wall Street Journal” complained that the Germans had chosen a government “that would expose the main contradictions to the country’s economic or strategic development.”

But the formation of the traffic light government is closely followed. Critics will also applaud the forthcoming President Olaf Scholes’ “political intuition, tolerance and peaceful self-confidence,” writes The New York Times, citing Belarus and a new Berlin head of state who rarely talks about the crisis. China’s high conflict position Up to the “less reliable” United States I had many challenges ahead of me.

First contact in Washington: Upcoming President Olaf Scholes in front of the White House during his visit to the US in October. © Quelle: Carl Domens

“Wall Street Journal” with praise for FDP

Both coalition parties are generating interest. The “New York Times” praised the Greens’ plans to phase out fossil fuels, while the “Wall Street Journal” praised the fact that the FDP had prevented tax increases and massive expansion of social benefits: “Americans should be lucky too.”

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In terms of foreign policy, the Greens, with their strict human rights policy and the most important position on Russia and China, are being meticulously observed in Washington. Paul Masaro, a member of the Independent Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, which guarantees compliance with Helsinki’s final law, believes that “this new German government has the potential to become an advocate for human rights and democracy in the world.” 1976 Observed: “But I am afraid I will be disappointed.”