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This is how we love country pop

This is how we love country pop

American singer-songwriter Angel Olsen charms at WUK in Vienna.

You don’t have to be a dedicated country fanatic to love Angel Olsen’s Nashville sound. Yes, love is endless. This 35-year-old from Missouri also strikes a chord in European listeners, something that very few country-leaning music projects manage to do. At the same time, their story songs are sure to stick to great traditions. And so the performance of the world-famous singer-songwriter at the sold-out Vienna WUK was timeless, which was also reflected in the audience, where the veterans, their children and sometimes even their children listened wholeheartedly.

Longing can be continuous. Especially the desire for the irretrievable: “Then I decided to learn to shoot the dreams that died,” Angel Olsen sang gently to the reluctance to play the piano. Casting out the ghosts of the past isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. Olsen’s catchy melting sound was doubled by strings that evening. The rage previously alluded to in older songs like “Unfucktheworld” has given way to a milder regard for the unimaginable than love.

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