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“Sekt o’clock”: the culinary partner search begins

“Sekt o’clock”: the culinary partner search begins

Sparkling wine is a great dining companion. But which dish goes with which dish? On October 17, 2022, “It’s Sekt o’clock!” in Vienna Hofburg Looking for a great culinary prick partner. For this purpose, 32 “champagne applicants” have set themselves up, who are very cold in Sparkling wine Austria Bar Choose cooking for the partner. Samples can be enjoyed with smoked char with red cabbage salad for starters, potato and cabbage pie with herb cream for appetizers, chicken maton with white beans and lemon for main dishes, and New York cheesecake for dessert. These “couples” are primarily intended to serve as a guide for visitors.

Senior bartenders participate in the vote

For trade visitors, a Sekt Austria food pairing will take place in the afternoon in the form of a bartenders competition. The Big Four Bartenders Michael Metzdollar«, Golling), Johann Artner (»TETRIS«, Munich), Roman Bolschitz (»fireplace bar«, Wesselberg) and Gunther Mendel (»burgundy«, Lech am Arlberg) Choose the best sparkling wine partner for each dish from the menu, and thus face the expert vote.

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