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This is the new voice of Super Mario – SHOCK2

This is the new voice of Super Mario – SHOCK2

For nearly 30 years, Charles Martinet has been the voice of Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, and many other Nintendo characters. His interpretation has greatly influenced the sounds with which we imagine well-known figures. But since August 21, we have known that it is time to say goodbye: Martinet will no longer work as a voice actor, but “only” as an ambassador for Mario. And we won’t get the chance for one last hurrah, because Super Mario Bros. Next week’s Wonder is not the last appearance of the old speaker, but the first appearance of the new one.

But who this new speaker was remained a mystery for a long time. Of course, rumors have talked about Chris Pratt, who lent his voice to Mario in this year’s animated film, but several other candidates have also been involved. Now it was official and the new speaker appeared before the curtain. He’s Kevin Afghan, a 25-year-old voice actor known as Raditz in Dragon Ball R&R, but better known as Arnold in Genshin Impact. In his first statement, he thanked Nintendo for inviting him to the Kingdom of Flowers.

Nintendo had originally planned to make the cast public only through the credits for Super Mario Bros. Wonder, but a resourceful data miner discovered who was voicing the game through a beta. This has already fueled rumors (especially with samples of other performances of potential candidates) that Al-Afghani could be the new voice of Mario.