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Players discover the best XP farms

Players discover the best XP farms

from Michael Miscullin
Players of Bethesda’s RPG Starfield have discovered some of the best XP farms in the game. If you want to play a peaceful alien sidekick, you should stop reading now.

Bethesda’s Starfield is a true role-playing game and that means players can level up their characters with experience points. As is typical with role-playing players in the video game sector, some contemporaries make it their mission to find the best XP farms in the game so that they can accumulate experience points faster. Starfield players become real exterminators.

Starfield: Two planets that are particularly suitable for XP farming

On the Starfield subreddit, two cosmic locations in particular emerged as particularly good for XP farming. The first planet discovered in cosmic space is called Schrödinger III (in the Schrödinger system). Here you can fully devote yourself to eliminating aliens and get a lot of experience points. To do this, simply board your spaceship and you can then easily kill the alien animals from an elevated position. The reward is around 500 XP for each alien animal you kill. The planet Schrödinger is ideal for XP farming because aliens can be found in large numbers here.

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The second ideal location for farming experience points can be found in the Starfield on the planet The second Celebray in the Celebray system. Overeager alien hunters simply equip themselves with a grenade launcher and attack groups of Roundshell Grazers. The great thing about these alien creatures is that they congregate in large numbers in a small area. A few well placed shots can help you get XP very quickly.

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source: PCGamer