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Ein Smart TV, der an der Wand über einem Sideboard hängt, mit aktiven Apps.

This is what happens with smart TVs

In almost every home there is now a smartTelevision. The connection between TV and the Internet has become indispensable, not least because broadcast services. But smart devices must change, but differently than you think.

Smart TVs: This will change in the future

Contrary to what you might think at first glance, it’s not about him Total on smart TVs. He’s been there ever since Investigation by the Federal Cartel Bureau 2020 over and over with focus on data collection – As recently demonstrated again in this major case. Instead, it’s now about the apps and storage on the Smart TVs themselves.

You want to save space and use a certain trick to do this: apps must come in a package, called AAB (Android Application Bundle). Google announced, at least for Android TV, that starting in May next year, all Android TV apps should be offered as an app bundle for smart TVs. This means that commercially available APK (Android package) files are no longer allowed. The argument for this is that those pre-installed on a Smart TV take up a lot of storage space.

The sheer numbers show that you can save up to 20 percent on storage with bundled apps on your Smart TV, like Google in Articles mentioned. App bundles are also faster compared to APK bundles.

A new rule for all applications – even those already installed

In addition, starting in May 2023, Google will stipulate that apps must also be able to completely uninstall themselves. Simply archiving is no longer enough to save storage space on Smart TVs.

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This action does not only affect applications that users want to reinstall on their Smart TVs. Apps already on the smart TV must also be converted from APK files to AABs. If developers don’t comply with the new rule by May 2023, their apps are at risk of disappearing from the TV home screen. As Google explains, app conversion for developers is completed in an average of three days.

Initially, the Android creator specified application packages for Android applications on the Google Play Store. Here, developers had until 2021 to convert APKs to AABs.