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This is what it looks like when creativity flies to Mars

This is what it looks like when creativity flies to Mars


For the first time, a spacecraft on another planet recorded the sound of another, according to NASA. The Mars Rover Perseverance not only filmed the Ingenuity helicopter, but it dangerous too.

The video posted now shows Ingenuity’s fourth journey in perspective of perseverance. The deep rumble is the wind blowing into Jizero Crater. Once the creativity is in the air, you hear a kind of buzz. This is the sound of the rotor blades spinning at more than 2,500 revolutions per minute.

Sound was recorded by a microphone that is a laser instrument in the SuperCam. The material of the image comes from Mastcam-Z. Both have been merged into the video.

NASA wasn’t sure at first if it would ever hear anything. Because at the time of the flight, the rover was 80 meters from the helicopter. For the posted video, the sound has been isolated and amplified to make it easier to hear.

The rotor blades “hum” at a frequency of 84 Hz. To output noise, frequencies below 80 Hz and above 90 Hz have been lowered and the rest of the signal has been scaled up. Some frequencies have been trimmed to make the humming even more certain.

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