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Microsoft is removing Windows 95 icons from Windows 10

Microsoft is removing Windows 95 icons from Windows 10

Even if Windows 10 is the latest operating system from Microsoft, in some places you can still find traces of Windows 95. These include some icons for power saving mode or network functions. A good old floppy disk can still show up in icons from time to time.

as part of Sun Valley updates, which should bring a number of visual innovations, The icons should now be updated, such as Windows is newer mentioned. The new icons appear in the Shell32.DLL module to build the preview. The differences can be seen in the following screenshot.

Build (left) and Production preview (right)

As WindowsLatest notes, the changes do not yet affect everything that remains of the Windows 95 era. However, it can be assumed that Microsoft will update other icons here before the update is released.

Other “Sun Valley” changes for Windows 10

The new floating design is expected to be applied to other elements of Windows 10 during the “Sun Valley” update. In addition to design changes, the task manager will also receive new jobs. For example, the new “Economy” should allow for specific operations to be controlled.

The exact release date for the update has yet to be determined with the official name 21H2. In any case, it should be distributed to Windows users in the fall.

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