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Serienmacher bestätigt: Darum geht es in der zweiten Staffel „Squid Game“

This is what Season 2 of “The Squid Game” is all about.

Even after months of release The first season It’s hard to stop the “Squid game” hype. local now Series creator Hwang Dong Hyuk Waiting time for the second season and reveals the first details of the content.

It can also specify an expected start date.

“Squid Game”: More details about the second season

What happened to the front man? How is Ji Hoon? And who are these important personalities exactly? These and many other questions remained after that The finale of “The Squid Game” in the minds of the masses. Because the cliffhanger season one left room for interpretation.

Explanations that fans want to clarify once and for all. That’s why it was Big desire for season two – despite the fact that series creator Hwang Dong Hyuk never expected his series to continue. But due to the massive success of the series it was one Only the second season is inevitable.

This is what Season 2 of “The Squid Game” is all about.

In an interview with “Vanity Fair”, Hwang Dong Hyuk finally provided the first details about the second season. And not just for that Planned release, but also for content. Because, as he reveals in the interview, the story should focus more on the psychology of the participants. I would like to ask the question: Is true solidarity between people possible?Serial maker explained.

Because even in season one, the issue of community and cohesion was a very important aspect of the story. “If they could Talking to each other, collaborating with each other, then maybe we could have seen more winners.”also explains the creator of the series.

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In previous interviews, he’s repeatedly stressed that Season 2 should revolve around a striker and VIPs – but he probably doesn’t want to fully implement that plan now. Because the creator of the series Promises “more games”. And apparently they should get it all back. “Humanity is made up through these games to be tested again.Describe the maker of the series. According to Vanity Fair, the main character Gi-Hun will definitely return. There is no information about the rest of the cast yet.

The start time has not yet been determined

However, not much has been revealed yet. Maybe it’s also because of Hwang Dong Hyuk himself I’m not quite sure where the story goes. He assures that so far he has written only three pages, from which the content of the season will develop. If you think it’s for It took ten years to complete the first seasonThese three pages were put together very quickly.

However, to be able to see exactly what is behind the concept of “solidarity”, fans will have to be patient for a while longer. Then Hwang Dong Hyuk It is estimated that a second season won’t come out until late 2023, if not early 2024.