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This is what the Earth and Moon look like from Mars

This is what the Earth and Moon look like from Mars

From Mars, Earth looks like a A little point in the skyAnd if you look closely, you can see it orbiting the moon. New image of the European spacecraft Mars Express It shows the Earth-Moon system in all its smallness compared to the sheer size of space. the ESA has an animated GIF Published on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the launch of the Mars Express service.

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Remember the pale blue dot

The recording aims to evoke memories of an image 1990 by the Voyager 1 spacecraft has been registered. From the distance of Neptune, the earth seemedPale blue dot(Pale blue dot) What astronomers Carl Sagan To give a speech about how small and fragile the homeland is for all people.

It is as important as ever

“We wanted to bring Carl Sagan’s ideas into the present,” says Joge Hernandez Bernal, part of the Mars Express team. according to climate deterioration And the economic crisis, Sagan’s words would have been a lot Unprecedented meaning.

In this simple snapshot from Mars Express, Earth has an extension Ant sizethe one from a distance of 100 metres He sees, and we all live on it. While we’ve seen footage like this before, it’s humble to think: We’ll have to deal with that faded blue blob, there There is no planet B. “