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This is what the new Office for Windows 11 looks like

This is what the new Office for Windows 11 looks like

With Windows 11, Microsoft is also updating Office and publishing first impressions beforehand.

With Windows 11 breaks for Microsoft Perhaps as early as October new era. With the new OS now too أيض Office references. How Microsoft Appears in a blog post, programs like a wordAnd the excel And the Power point Adapts to the new Windows 11 design. The blue, green, and red color bars are now kept in simple gray, and everything should be less intrusive in Windows 11.

Office for Windows 11 with a new design

If you do not want to do without the classic office colors, you can revitalize them manually. Dark mode is also supported with the new office. In addition to the programs mentioned, he also gets ، prospects a Design update It is also suitable for the Windows environment. White and gray dominate. At first glance, it is not at all clear with the new Office which program you are already in.

In addition to the new design that can be tried as a beta version, Microsoft has also announced that Office will be native to Windows 11 as well. 64-bit ARM processors supported. This is the first sign that ARM-based tablets will be better supported in the future. Windows already had an Office version last year An apple M1-Macs Introduction, whose processor architecture is also based on ARM.

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