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These are the Braking Point team.

These are the Braking Point team.

Spielberg appears in such great detail in F1 2021. – (C) Codemaster, EA Sports

Code Masters And the EA Sports – A Brand of Electronic Arts Take a look at the main characters of “Braking Point”, the new story experience in F1 2021.

With the new and returning cast out there braking point It gives players the opportunity to choose from one of the five teams to become a superstar in the world of Formula 1.

The main actors F1 Braking Point 2021 They are the following characters:

Aiden Jackson

Aiden Jackson in F1 2021. – (C) Codemasters

Aiden is a potential star on his way to the top. A promising young driver entering his first season in Formula 1 and adoring teammate Kasper Ackermann. Jackson’s career is seen as a success story as he worked his way up from F2. Simple and elegant, Aiden cuts a gorgeous figure in front of the cameras. But behind the scenes, a move to the big league is worrying him. He’s expected to be lured by one of the big teams, so he’s gone full throttle right from the start and already made waves.

Casper Cass Ackermann

Casper 'Cas' Akkerman in the story mode of the racing game.  - (C) Code Masters

Casper ‘Cas’ Akkerman in the story mode of the racing game. – (C) Code Masters

Casper is known for his cold, no-nonsense style. He wants to lead his team out of midfield with a steady hand. Calm and tireless determination have always served him well throughout his illustrious career. With the emergence of young talent, he is under pressure and must give his best performance, even though his career is coming to an end.

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Devon Butler

The opponent is at the “braking point”. Devon is much more than an egotist trying to make a name for himself. He is well respected on the racetrack, but Butler’s often questionable demeanor off the track leaves much to be desired. Always with a funny comment or sharp tip up his sleeve, he uses his encounters to outwit drivers he sees as competitors. Whether you love him or hate him, Devon Butler aims to become a legend in Formula One.

Brian Doyle

He is the direct link with the team leader and ensures that everything runs smoothly. Doyle spends much of his time as a moderator, relaying news and racing strategies – or solving problems within the team. He has proven himself in sports and is consistent. real actor. As a larger-than-life character who lives and breathes Formula One, Doyle is up front when things are going well but crashes when things don’t go according to plan.

Zoe Ackerman

Zoe Ackermann in F1 2021. - (C) Codemasters

Zoe Ackermann in F1 2021. – (C) Codemasters

Casper’s wife and the foundations of his world. Zoe has been on the scene for several years and knows the sacrifices her husband will have to make to stay competitive. She always has an open ear and a friendly word in store, no matter where in the world her husband is. Zoe has a young daughter named Lily who is the only one who knows the demons Casper faces in competition with the next generation of drivers to hit the scene.

What’s behind F1 2021’s ‘Braking Point’ story mode?

In addition to a large number of F1 2021 gameplay innovations, “Braking Point” introduces a new story mode. A two-player career allows players to team up or compete against each other through simultaneous sessions in rival teams. The real start of the season allows players to start at any time in the calendar of a race that has already taken place – including the current standings. F1 2021 It also offers a variety of well-known options, including My Team, split screen players and various help options that allow players of all levels to compete against each other.

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F1 2021 It will be released on July 16, 2021 on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 along with Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on Steam.

The digital deluxe edition will be available from July 13 and will offer additional content, including seven famous drivers that can be found in the “My Team” mode in F1 2021 It can be used. By the way, players can also access a file Join the current Formula 1 racing season!