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This is what the Scorpio sign predicts

This is what the Scorpio sign predicts


January 04, 2022 – 9:10 am hour

What will the year 2022 be for a Scorpio baby?

Beginning of the new year, what challenges will Scorpio face? Star astrologer Laurie Haberkorn knows more: she’s an expert in modern spirituality and neuroscience, far from dusty esoteric clich√©s. As an astro coach, book author (“Die goldene Magie der Mondin”*) and mentor, she advises a diverse range of clients around the world – from the neighborhood family to celebrities and global corporations. In her annual video horoscope, Laurie explains what Scorpio can expect in terms of love, work, and health in 2022!

Scorpio: These are typical characteristics

dangerous. This might be the first thing when you think of an animal, but what about the zodiac sign? scorpion (from October 24 to November 22), shouldn’t you pay attention to them? Not really, but you should know how to deal with it. Surface is not them. While they are hesitant, they analyze and penetrate to the smallest detail, because they do not want to be surprised and always want to be in control. That is why they often appear dominant and dependent, as if they are obsessed with it. But they do not allow themselves to be deterred and go their way, insults do not affect them, compliments do not impress them. Likewise, Scorpio faithfully keeps it, he stands by his friends and does everything for them.

He rarely reveals what is going on in himself. It protects itself with a hard shell and is rarely vulnerable. Anyone who takes advantage of this moment to hurt them has lost their trust forever. Do not forget about the Scorpio, and no one will ever hurt them again.

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When a Scorpio falls in love, it’s no compromise. He wants everything, immediately, without hesitation, no half-measures – but can end again just as quickly. You can find out which zodiac signs are best for Scorpio in your partner horoscope. (phone)

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