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Andre Heller has ended his decades-long concert hiatus on ORF III «

Andre Heller has ended his decades-long concert hiatus on ORF III «

Andre Heller turned his apartment into a theater and invited Ernst Molden and Nino from Vienna, Ursula Strauss and Voodoo Jurgens to support him. It’s Heller’s first prom in decades.

11.49 am, 04. January 2022


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André Heller invites you to a concert at home. © (c) ORF (Daniel Shaked)

Andre Heller She hasn’t played a public concert in decades. On Thursday, January 6, the world-class artist can be heard and seen again for the television audience. To watch a two-hour music movie in “Theater Experience” on ORF III (8.15pm) He does his best work in his apartment. It gathers other first class guests like Ernst Molden, Vodou Jurgens, Ursula Strauss or also Nino from Vienna Around.

For the co-production of ORF III and Interspot Film as part of the four-part season of “André Heller’s House Concerts”, Heller performed classics such as “Children Always From Vienna” or “Like my heartbeat”, but also new songs such as “In der Dunkelheit”. Of course, not one song or another Viennese song like “Everything is so easy” or “Wean you are a Taschenfeitl”, which he called “Neue Wiener Concert Schrammeln”, should not be missing.

According to Broadcast, the core of the concert is his 2019 album “Spätes Leuchten”, and the musicians represented in it, such as Robert Rutiver, Florian Setsmann and Marilyn Lacherstorfer. The evening concluded with the Vienna versions of songs by Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton.

The film, which was shot with seven cameras in an enclosed space, was directed by Robert Neumüller. Concept and script from the same musician who will turn 75 on March 22nd. After the concert, ORF III will screen the documentary “Qualtinger” (10:10 p.m.) from 2011, by Heller, as well as the 1972 film “Who was André Heller?” (11.45 pm).

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