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This is what you can expect from Lego Fortnite

This is what you can expect from Lego Fortnite

There should be three new ones in Fortnite In-game modes Give – the beginning was by Him Puzzle Games-situation. This means you can now play the hit game using Lego characters. But that’s not all that’s new, as the trailer released today shows.

The new world of Fortnite is very reminiscent of familiar surroundings. But there is still something different than before: new world It is made of Lego bricks.

This is what the manufacturer of the game Fortnite went for Epic Games Partnership with LEGO.

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Lego mode is reminiscent of Minecraft

Fortnite’s new game mode is a bit reminiscent of the game Maine Craft, He also notes the edge. However, there is one catch: everyone who already has Fortnite no longer needs to buy a new game. You can easily switch to Lego mode in the game.

According to the Fortnite team, the new Lego mode is “all about survival and crafting.” At launch, it should be in the new Fortnite Lego game 1200 LEGO figures For players to choose from.

“Rocket Race” and “Fortnite Festival”

The second new mode is “Rocket race“, which will be released on December 8th. For this purpose, Fortnite has partnered with Team Rocket League. On December 9th there will be a third mode called “Fortnite Festival” Joined.

fortnite Available for PlayStation 5, 4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC and Android.

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