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'Understand the concerns': Biden wants to continue despite TV disaster

'Understand the concerns': Biden wants to continue despite TV disaster

After the US President's poor TV appearance, calls for his resignation have been raised. He himself does not want to know anything about it: “I did not have a great evening, but I will fight harder.”

US President Joe Biden is continuing his campaign after his poor performance in the televised debate with his Republican rival Donald Trump, which was followed by calls for his resignation. “To serve his country, President Biden must withdraw from the race,” the New York Times wrote. The 81-year-old said he would not abandon his candidacy during campaign fundraisers in New Jersey and the Hamptons near New York. “I understand the concerns after the debate,” Biden admitted. “I didn’t have a great night, but I will fight harder,” he said.

“The sooner Trump leaves the stage, the better.”

“There was only one person in the debate who did not deserve to be a presidential candidate. “The sooner Trump leaves the stage, the better off the country will be,” an email from Biden’s campaign team to party supporters said. The data will show that dueling did not change the perception of the American population. Another text read: “Joe Biden will be the Democratic nominee, period.” The “bedwetting squad” will call on Biden to withdraw.

Biden traveled on Saturday evening to Camp David, the residence of American presidents near Washington. NBC reported that Biden wanted to discuss the future of his election campaign with the family. The White House refused. The report style is incorrect. Government House confirmed that the trip had already been planned before the discussion.

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