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This is why Romelu Lukaku is so important

This is why Romelu Lukaku is so important

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Thanks to Romelu Lukaku’s goal, Chelsea FC scored a difficult victory over Zenit St Petersburg at the start of the Champions League. Thomas Tuchel knew who to thank.

“The match was not easy for Romelu, we did not give him many chances, we did not give him any passes, but he is the man who does not lose confidence and faith and that is why he is here and that is what makes him a world-class striker,” said the successful coach to his top scorer.

Chelsea invested €115m in transfer fees in Belgium’s commitment to keep him away from last summer intermilan Went. Lukaku has since scored four goals in four matches.

Praising his new striker, the former Dortmund player said: “You don’t find many strikers of this quality and people who score regularly for their teams are very important because the goal changes the whole dynamic of the game. A team that has a lot of confidence knowing that maybe half a chance or one chance is enough to score a goal” .

Romelu Lukaku “a very humble man”

Even off the pitch, Lukaku stands out for his personality. Tuchel: “He’s a very humble guy, he loves football, he loves training.” In addition, the international striker is “a good means of communication in the dressing room” and creates a good atmosphere.

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