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– This is wrong, this is not American, it must end – VG

U.S. President Joe Biden has been dealing with a sharp increase in the number of attacks on Americans of Asian descent during the Corona epidemic.


– They have been beaten, persecuted and appointed as victims. Many of them stand in the front row trying to save lives, but are forced to live in fear for their lives by walking down the street. This is wrong, this is not American, it must end.

The statement came during Joe Biden’s first evening address to the American people since becoming president. It took place a year after his predecessor Donald Trump The United States has announced it will suspend entry from Europe due to the Corona virus – A virus he frequently refers to China virus as.

In the speech, Joe Biden acknowledged that the previous year had been very difficult for many, especially as Americans of Asian descent had to endure being misidentified as victims because of the spread of the corona virus from Wuhan, China.

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Between 2019 and 2020, the number of assault and harassment cases against Americans of Asian descent increased by 150 percent. Writes NBC.

Thanks: Democrat Congressman Ted Lee Photo: POOL / REUTERS

Thanks Biden

Congressman Ted Liu, who was one of the Democrats’ lawyers during the Supreme Court case against Donald Trump, thanked Biden for raising the issue.

– President Biden, thank you for your strong words in protecting Americans of Asian descent and for your presidential order to mitigate hate crimes. This was in stark contrast to the former president, who issued racist remarks such as “Kung Fever.” He writes on Twitter.

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Presidential order refers to Liu Biden signed in JanuaryAnd, among other things, it states that statements by U.S. officials should not refer to the corona virus as contributing to racism or racism against Americans of Asian descent.

Among other things, Donald Trump referred to the corona virus as “kung fever” at a voter meeting in Tulsa in June last year:

Ted Liu receives support from many prominent Americans to thank President: Senator Masi Hirono from Hawaii Signs Twitter The speech felt meaningful, and thanks to Biden’s “strong words”.

Shannon Wu, who works for CNN to comment on the law, writes that he thinks Biden is handling the case in the right way.

– This is what a true president does when he sacrifices Americans and misrepresents them as victims on the basis of race. He writes on Twitter.

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Stars against “corona racism”

530,000 people died

On Friday night Biden’s speech was mainly about the past year, and about how America can return to a kind of everyday life.

The corona virus has hit the country hard in the past year: more than 530,000 people have lost their lives, and 1,000 deaths are reported every day.

However, infection rates in the United States have recently dropped, Some states are already fully open.

– A year full of loss of life, and unable to live – For all of us, the President summed up last year.

– Photos and videos from 2019 feel like they were taken at a different time. He added that the last holiday was the last birthday with friends, the last holiday with extended family.

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In the arsenal with him before today’s talk, Joe Biden had a large corona crisis package, which was approved by the House of Representatives this week Signed on Thursday. The rescue package is worth $ 1900 billion and aims to help the country get its feet back.

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Announced new vaccine lineup

As for the United States, Biden says there is only one way out of the infection: vaccines. He announced Friday night that he would order the state government to make all adults eligible for the corona vaccine by May 1st.

– It does not mean that you will be vaccinated by May 1, but it does mean that you can order.

By then, according to the president, the United States will be able to vaccinate two million people every day.

– When I took charge, I came up with a goal that I was confidently calling for: 100 million vaccines in the hands of the people within my first 100 days as President. I can say tonight I’m not going to achieve that, we’m going to win it, Biden said.

According to him, the United States would have prescribed 100 million vaccines in its first 60 days. On Thursday, he was president for 50 days.

To achieve its ambitious vaccination goal, Biden Management has several plans:

  • They want to double the number of pharmacies where you can be vaccinated, and they want to double the number of centers for mass vaccination. In addition, more than 6,000 members of the National Guard will be involved in sending and distributing vaccines.
  • Many more will be involved in vaccinating people: dentists, veterinarians and medical students will be on the list of people who can be vaccinated.

Biden urges the people of the United States to do their job and get vaccinated when their turn comes. Carrot ahead has the opportunity to celebrate the country’s Independence Day on July 4th.

– If we do all this, if we do this together, you, family and friends have the opportunity to gather and celebrate National Day in or around the backyard. This does not mean that it is a big celebration, but that it brings small groups together. The President said that after a long, difficult year, it could make our Independence Day even better.