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– This will be my spring wine

As we enter a new closure I think Vinmonopolet comes with the help of a band to the wound.

Everyone is looking for the next big thing. What are the trends now? What flavors do people like?

Think a little about New Zealand. They captivated an entire world market in record time with Sadiqnan Plank grapes. The unique aroma of peach and nettle annoying ingredients not only made it a brand, but also laid the foundation for the country to become a wine nation.

Since then, the hunt has been going on. Which grapes will be next time? Many have predicted Pinot Kris to be the successor. Grapes are easy to like. Whole body. Gives large crops and is very easy to produce. But there is no turning point.

Why? As it was piercing, a winemaker yelled at me. He put his head back and screamed out as if boredom could not be endured for another second. Boohooring!

Just! Pinot pig should be suppressed. You must avoid greed. Do not take too many bunches of grapes from the vine. Do not take shortcuts. The best clones. The best vineyards. Winners are crowned with victories. In the sea of ​​bland, commercial pinot pigs, there are some shining stars. From Friday, March 5, you will find more of them on the shelf.

White wines are ideal for spring. A cool chip on the solar wall. As a result of asparagus, salads, clams and fish. Notably, the alcohol news broke in March. For one, these wines take place on a permanent shelf. Another, hundreds of flavors in order selection you won’t see. I have selected my ten favorites to be on the shelf.