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Therefore, the United States fears new attacks on Congress

Conspiracy theories surrounding 90 years of legal change indicate that police in Washington, D.C. are at their toes. The House of Representatives cancels meetings on Thursday.

The National Guard stepped up security operations in Washington DC on Thursday. Photo: Jonathan Ernst, Reuters / NDP

For the American right, the last few months have been tough. Joe Biden not only won the presidential election. Both states and Congress approved the decision. On January 20, Biden was established according to plan.

Washington’s nerves are still in full swing after the January 6 congressional storm.

On Thursday, it was announced that the National Guard would be in the city for an additional two months.

Compared to the first two months of last year, the number of threats against politicians has doubled.

Here are some questions and answers about the security situation in Washington DC.

The chaotic riots of January 6 were better planned than one’s appearance. Photo: Shannon Stapleton, Reuters / NDP

Why was Congress closed on March 4?

Until 1933, the inauguration of presidents on March 4 was constitutional. Since then, the date has been January 20th. Proponents of radical conspiracy theory say QAnon used social media to provoke a mood before this day.

They hope that Donald Trump will return to Washington, arrest Democrats and take over the presidency of the United States.

After the authorities were surprised by the riots on January 6, they no longer took any chances. The House of Representatives canceled its meetings. The Senate, for its part, continued to debate President Biden’s aid package.

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One of the most visible proponents of QAnon theory is Jacob Anthony Chansley. Photo: Tario Lopez-Mills, AP / NTB

Do they really take conspiracies seriously?

On January 6, Trump’s supporters did their best. Some militant groups active at the time used the Internet to mobilize for new protests on March 4.

Other groups are now warning against the protest. They fear the whole thing is a “wrong move”. The principle is that the authorities will lure and arrest them.

As the January 6 riots continue to be investigated, new details continue to emerge. The violence was more planned than planned. The so-called militant groups have been preparing for a long time.

Are these groups still active?

Witness on Tuesday Senator FBI Director Christopher A. This is the first time since January 6th. He said the attack on Congress was terrorism.

The FBI is investigating the groups behind this. So far more than 300 suspects have been arrested.

Vare warned that this terrorist threat was growing sharply.

Some of the violence that took place last summer is also considered terrorism. Demonstrations against the treatment of blacks by the police turned violent in some cities.

The militants then used right-wing and left-wing violence.

In the Senate, Vare said the number of arrests of citizens fighting for “white supremacy” has tripled in the past three years. They are more violent than their opponents on the outer left.

There are root warnings, according to a report released by the Department of Homeland Security last week.

The setback for some of them was that the opposition had failed to prevent Biden from winning the election. But others say others have gained new energy. Therefore, there is a risk that these groups will move to new activities.

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In the House of Representatives, Police Chief Yogananda Pitman testified. He is the interim commander of the Capitol Hill Police Force. Pitman said there had been a 93 percent increase in the number of threats against congressional representatives.

The National Guard was on high alert Thursday. Photo: Jim Urgard, Reuters / NDP

What is Congress doing to prevent new attacks?

Pitman was on the House budget committee. He asked for a further $ 107 million for security. That’s NOK 915 million. This money will go to hire 212 new government employees.

The need to protect individual representatives is growing sharply. Nine delegates who were prosecuted in the Supreme Court case against Donald Trump are now facing death threats.

On Thursday morning, there were small signs of large-scale demonstrations in Washington. Nevertheless, safety is paramount. Capitol Hill is protected by a high fence. Inside, soldiers from the National Guard are on duty. They are heavily armed.

The National Guard was originally scheduled to be withdrawn on March 12. On Thursday, it was announced that the secondary would be extended for two months. There are currently 5,200 soldiers stationed in the capital.