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Thomas Hopker travels through the United States

EIn man. A woman. And a mobile home. This is an addition that can create novels. Or the plot of a movie. Movement is a road movie that becomes a symbol of life – an indefinite search for its meaning. The destination is always west. And ideally, an insight does not have to make life easier in the end. But still honest. The goal may be memory. In a double sense. Memory created along the way with nothing but occasions when you believe it will be unforgettable. Or the memory you want to get out of the depths of your memory, it has collapsed, is almost impossible to achieve, maybe completely evaporated, evaporates when you spill something while refueling.

Freddie Langer

Features section editor, “Reiseblatt” is responsible.

“How was it then?” It is part of a plan for the November 2020 trip by Thomas Hopker and Christine Krusen. From Long Island in the state of New York in the United States, the couple lives in a beautiful wooden house on a mesmerizing lake. It must have been a journey like the one that Thomas Hopper had already undertaken in 1963 as a photographer for “Crystal” magazine. There are photos of that trip. A report spread over fifteen journals with a total of sixty-five pages in thousands and five more journals. There is the movie “Dear Memories” from a recent trip. For ninety minutes. There you can see how the two drive. Turn off the lights, close the door, lock the house and turn on the machine. The car then exits the driveway. One of the biggest Ford, Which then takes the place of four passenger cars when parked. The driving experience is like a rocking bathtub, enjoyed by the viewer from off.

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