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Olympic Winter Games 2022 – Ignore: US will not send embassy officials to the Olympics – China threatens – News

Olympic Winter Games 2022 – Ignore: US will not send embassy officials to the Olympics – China threatens – News

  • The U.S. government wants to send athletes to the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in China in February, but has no diplomatic representatives.
  • The White House announced on Monday (local time) that the US announcement was a protest against the ongoing genocide in the Xinjiang region and other human rights abuses in China.
  • Beijing responded angrily and announced firm counter-measures.

Despite the boycott, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the U.S. government wanted to send a “clear message.” When asked why the United States has not decided on a complete boycott of the Games, it is said that it does not want to punish athletes who have received intense training for the sport.

This is how the IOC responded to the US boycott

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As a first reaction, the International Olympic Committee describes the presence of government officials as “a purely political decision, the IOC fully respects its political neutrality.”

At the same time, an IOC spokesman said, “We welcome the United States’ announcement that the Olympics and the participation of athletes are beyond politics.” United Nations Resolution, It was adopted by consensus of all 193 member states.

Beijing is committed to complying with the Olympic Trudeau for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Games and to calling on all member states to work together with the IOC and the International Paralympic Committee in their efforts to use the sport as a tool to promote peace, dialogue and harmony. Conflicts during and after the Olympics.

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According to Psaki, the United States announces plans to international partners, leaving them to make their own decisions. It is unclear whether other states will join the United States: the French government has announced a unanimous decision across Europe.

Government sources in Rome said Italy would not take part in the diplomatic boycott. According to its own reports, the government in Australia has not yet made that decision. New Zealand has already decided not to participate in sports at the diplomatic level – but this decision is primarily based on epidemiological considerations, especially travel restrictions.

China feels outraged

Even before Joe Biden officially announced the boycott, there was already a backlash from China: Beijing is threatening “decisive counter-measures” without giving any further details. The announcement was “mocking the Olympic spirit, political provocation and an attack on 1.4 billion Chinese,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said on Monday.

The announcement is a mockery of the Olympic spirit, a political provocation and an attack on 1.4 billion Chinese.

There is great political tension between the United States and China due to the human rights situation and various contentious issues. Relations between the two countries have fallen to a record low since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1979.

Ignore requests continue

The Winter Olympics are scheduled to take place in China from February 4 to 20, 2022. Many have accused the dictatorial state of committing human rights abuses, especially against minorities such as Muslim Uyghurs.

The United States has received applause for the diplomatic boycott of the human rights watchdog Human Rights Watch: “We think this is a step in the right direction,” spokeswoman Mei Fong told AFP. “Finally, we and many organizations have stated that it is really impossible to celebrate the Olympics, especially in Xinjiang, at a time when the country is committing many human rights violations.”

“The world will realize that there is no time to look the other way,” Fong said, adding that “knowing that there are more than a million Turkish Muslims, it is not right to celebrate the Games and help Beijing build its identity.” And the Uyghurs are in prison. “

Human rights groups cite Xinjiang Autonomous Region, Tibet and Hong Kong as examples of Chinese retaliation. Considering the winter games there, there are repeated calls for boycotts.

Brief assessment of SRF Chinese correspondent Martin Altrovandi

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SRF Chinese correspondent Martin Altrovandi says the US announcement that it will not send any official representatives to Beijing is a “disgrace” to China. Because: In general, states often send high-ranking officials to the Olympics. “For example, Jill Biden, the first American woman to attend the Summer Games in Tokyo, or even George W. Bush, then President of the United States, attended the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing.

The Chinese government is now trying to mitigate the damage, and many countries can now be trusted not to join such a diplomatic boycott. Because then there will be a big problem for China, says Ultravandi.

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“The Communist Party controls the media and censors a lot.” As long as the US only boycotts the games, China can try to control this story and portray the situation that the US wants to harm the country or not beg these games from the Chinese people. “If the whole state joins now, it will be much harder.”

For many countries – including Switzerland – deciding who to send to Beijing without angering China is a balancing act.