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Three engines in the new Kia Niro «

Three engines in the new Kia Niro «

Even with the second generation, Kia remains true to the scheme with the Niro: hybrid, hybrid and electric.

5 a.m., November 29, 2021


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The second generation of Kia Niro © Kia

subordinate Kia Niro He goes to the next round in 2022: While the Koreans have greatly improved in optics – note the contrasting Lever-shaped C-pillar – the drivetrain remains true to the previous scheme. This is how it will be Compact SUV not just like vollelektrischen e-Niro give, but also as copies with Hybrid and plug.

Double-hearted variants get what’s called “Greenzone Drive Mode”Which, depending on the battery charge, can automatically switch the system to purely electric mode if necessary – eg in ecological zones. And based on navigation instructions and historical driving data independently. Technical data on the drives themselves is not yet available.

The interior is reminiscent of a Kia EV6 Photo © Kia

On the other hand, an inward look shows a close relationship with the elder EV6 electric crossover: The digital fixture and infotainment screen are combined under a common cover. It is operated via a rotary control switch in the center console. The top lining is made from recycled wallpaper material, and the seats are made of bio-polyurethane with tencel made from eucalyptus leaves.

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